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Bamboo shrimp - odd behaviour? Advice appreciated.



I did a lot of planting and rearranging in my tank yesterday, also put the temperature down a few degrees.

Today my two bamboo shrimp are placed on my filter, not in front of the outlet like they are feeding. My filter is a long black box structure, one of the shrimp is right near the surface of the water, just behind the outlet and one is on the bottom of the filter.

I have tested the water and it's normal. Could they be a bit stressed because of the changes yesterday or the change in temperature. I did turn the heater down but the temperature of the water still seems to be what it was originally. I have turned it back to what it was now to try and get things back to normal.

I always seem to make things worse by trying to make things better.

If anyone has any advise on this behaviour please could you help.

Thank you,


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