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Author Topic: Tank upgrade - help!  (Read 428 times)

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Tank upgrade - help!
« on: November 14, 2020, 12:56:24 pm »
Hi everyone!

So, it’s been a long time since I’ve popped on here. Firstly, hope you’re all safe in these rather strange times!

Apologies for the new thread, I’m struggling to search on the forum (punishment for not being on it!)!

I’m finally taking the plunge and upgrading my tank from a teeny Interpet Fish Pod 64l to a Roma Fluval 125l setup. I’m already dreading it haha

My question is how.... I’ve had a mixture of advice from doing it all in one day to over 1-2 weeks, putting fish straight in once levels match (temp/ph etc). I don’t want to stress the fish out (or me!)

My current tank is running with full stock of fish.
Levels are
0 ammonia
0 nitrite
2.5 nitrate (using the NT Labs test kit)

I was planning to move the existing tank couple days before and using a water change to fill up new tank with existing water. The new tank is going where the old one is currently sat in my lounge. Then top up with treated tap water. Leave new tank running a while with new heater and filter with new substrate (with old bagged on the top for bacteria transfer). Old substrate won’t fill much of the bottom so using it as chance to change but I know most bacteria is in it! Then move fish over with filter media in new filter (going from Fluval U2 to U3).

Does this sound the next idea? Or should it be over 2 weeks? In my head I’m not cycling a new tank I’m just letting bacteria catch up to a bigger tank.

Appreciate your help! Stay safe everyone!


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