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So many returning members it seems


Hi folks. I first joined this forum some years ago when embarking on a 60L planted tank, and then drifted off into houses, marriages and kids, eventually getting around to running a nice Juwel 260 bow-front tank as a heavily-planted fresh-water tropical setup. At it's peak it was pretty much self-sustaining, with (much to my wife's annoyance) far more plant than fish in it.
 Earlier this year that tank had to go - a pair of more tactile Guinea Pigs were deemed more useful to my 5-year-old's furthering development and I was overruled.
 I managed to last a month, so now have snuck in a tiny little 20L Fluval Spec into my office that I hope to set up as a planted shrimp tank, with maybe a few small fish in it for variety.
 It's currently cycling, but hopefully nearly there. I'll put another post in the Q&A about that soon too, just to be sure about some things.

(I posted this recently on PlantedTank, but really wanted to to hang out somewhere a bit more local)

Phil R:
Hi, I think you might find this forum a bit slow now. Most of the posters you may remember are now on


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