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19 Litre Fluval Spec


Hi folks, I thought I'd capture some details of the new little tank (my smallest yet) that I hope to turn into a home for some shrimp.
 The tank was first filled 21st February 2021. Plants were added on about 26th.
 So far this consists of the following:
* Tank: Fluval Spec 19
* Heater: Interpet Nano 25W
* Substrate: Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum
* Substrate: Pettex Roman Aquatic Gravel
* Plants:
* Cryptocoryne parva
* Limnophila sessiliflora “Ambulia”
* Anubias nana
* Christmas moss
* Riccia
* Hygrophila polysperma

 Cycling is currently under-way. I think it's going okay - I put in a glug of Ammonia on 25th Feb (it really doesn't take a lot in a tank this small!) to get it up to about 4ppm, and it's now (4th Mar) down to pretty much zero. I have been adding Fluval Cycle, and a tiny bit of Fluval Grow+ went in to give the plants something to chomp on.
* Ammonia: currently <0.1ppm
* Nitrite: off the chart >5ppm
* Nitrate: off the chart >80ppm
* pH: steady at about 7.6
* Temperature: about 25°C
* Hardness: 15.23dKH (272mg/l CaCO3, from official test results, not my own)Should I bump the Ammonia back up to 1ppm and see what happens to it, or wait until the Nitrites come back into a measurable range?

* 22nd Feb - First fill. Stratum made the tank look like it was filled with bad coffee​
* 24th Feb - Replaced most of the water to remove the bulk of the floating particulates​
* 25th Feb - Added 1ml of 9.5% ammonia (up to ~4ppm)​
* 1st Mar - Added 2L of fresh water to bring to full. Added ½ml of plant ferts, and ½ml of the bacteria​
* 2nd Mar - Added another ½ml of the bacteria​
* 3rd Mar - 7L water change. Signs of possible algae growth - almost invisible strands on the rocks and tinting on the white sand. Light was probably an error, so turned off now.​   


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