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Hiya from Leeds



been keeping freshwater fish since i was only 13, got 2 footer for Christmas. Undergravel filter, plants that normally grow above the water line and the usual guppies, tiger barbs and the red tail black shark.

got 1st upgrade at 14, to 3 foot and brought it home on the bus and yes went upstairs with it lol

many upgrades later ended up with a 6x2x2 and when this went i managed to get 4 tanks in the house (swmbo is not a fish fan)

Kept most fish from guppies to discus to malawi.

At 40 bought the first marine tank, had 4 different variations of them.

at 50 went back to freshwater and at the moment just 2 tanks or 1 and 1/16th of a tank. this is so swmbo cannot say i have 2 tanks :P :P

i would love to have the patience to have a nice planned planted tank, but prefer the messy look.

fighting black hair algea at the mo.( never struggled with it before) so suggestions greatly taken

anyway here are the tank and 1/16th

Phil R:
Hi, you will get a much better response at Aquarium Forums UK.


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