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Is this acceptable?


Good evening all,

I went to my local squires this morning, who happen to have a big aquatics centre (it’s owned by Squires not a 3rd party).

I thought I’d have a wander around and see what they had in stock, and whilst doing so an employee was walking around the tanks with a plastic transport bag and net, hooking every fish out that looked a bit poorly. It seemed any fish that was at the surface or not swimming quite right was hooked. He was using the same net in every tank, and just dumping them all into a bag. Must have hooked 15-20 fish into the bag with no water, before tying the top and throwing it in the bin, while the fish were clearly struggling together

Surely this is not acceptable? Or is it standard practice for a big store? I was a bit gobsmaked!

Looking forward to hearing others opinions.


That’s not standard practice, it’s illegal and a violation of the Animal Welfare act 2006. They should be reported to the RSPCA. A secret video of this would help enormously.

Thanks @blackghost… I will try to head down there and get some footage!


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