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Will my Betta be okay?


I was just evicted from my family home by my mother, it’s a very messy story but at the home I had a number of aquariums. What I’m going to do with the rest is an unrelated matter but today I have moved my betta to my new place but I have a few concerns. At my old home, he was in a 75 litre planted tank (oxygenators & floating plants) with a few shrimp and snails. He was so happy in that tank to the point he was making huuuge bubble nests. Sadly, under the circumstances my mum told me to move him ASAP because she didn’t want “to go upstairs twice a day” to cater for him. I’ve moved him into a new tank that has some of the same gravel, plants and logs that were in his old tank. (I made sure of this so any beneficial bacteria was moved along with him) my only concern is that the new tank is probably barely 10-15 litres? It’s a significant downgrade but given the circumstance I can’t really offer him more. Will he be okay? During the move hes kept his very vibrant colours that he got from being so happy in the old tank but he’s been rather inactive and spending a lot of time laying in weird positions. Is there anything I can offer him other than much more frequent water changes? Photos below just so you can see his new setup. The water is dark because I’m going to keep the lights off for now (my mum has left them on for around a week straight) he was also due a gravel vacuum so a lot of dirt was transferred too. The snails are in there with him but the shrimp are still back at my old place. Any remedies I could buy from a fish store? Dry leaves etc? Just anything to stop him getting sick with stress and to help me adjust to maintaining such a small tank. I’m probably over thinking it but I’m so attached to this little guy haha


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