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Juwel multilux led problem



i was wondering if anyone else has come accross this problem and discovered a solution?

the problem is my multilux led lights have stopped working, i have had them for about 2 and a half yrs, tried a new fuse and different socket etc but still no joy, the issue i have is that i do not know if the led lights are broken or if it is the unit itself?

if i buy replacement led lights for £70 and they dont work because the multilux unit is broken i would then have to buy a new unit which comes with bulbs for £150  :mad: cant find anywhere were you can buy a new unit without the leds?

i have rang local fish shops but they dont stock juwel led lights or they wont let me test the unit and then give them the bulbs back if the units broken

does anyone know of a way to test either the multilux unit or the leds?

any help/advice welcome  thumbsup3


I had a similar issue (not a Juwel light unit)
I tried new LED tubes but nothing and ended up buying a new light unit.

Thanks for the reply Stephen  thumbsup3

yeah i have bit the bullet and ordered a new multilux unit with leds, if i test the old one with the new leds and it works i can always sell it on gumtree or somewhere i suppose.


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