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How to post pictures using Tapatalk (Android Version)

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I'm writing this tutorial as there seems to be a bit of confusion on how to post pictures using the tapatalk forum app, and seeing as more and more of us are using smartphones I thought I'd better explain.

Part of the problem is that when uploading pictures using tapatalk, it actually makes no difference how it's uploaded when viewing on the phone, so a lot of people don't realise they've uploaded it incorrectly.

Forum photo rules state:

Your image needs to be under 250 Kb and 1152 x 1152. If you would like to upload a photograph to go with your post follow the steps below and you will be able to upload a thumbnail that when clicked on will become full size. The reason for this is that a number of our members are still on dial up and lots of large photos mean that they can't view the thread.

So how to go about that using tapatalk, here goes.....

I'm using the Android tapatalk app, I'm not sure if there's much difference with the iPhone and Blackberry versions, if anyone can shed any light that'd be great.

Step 1

Open the tapatalk app and select TFF

Step 2

Select the forum and thread you'd like to post in. I've selected - On Top of the Board Ma! >> Welcome >> How to post pictures using Tapatalk  so I can attach a picture to this thread

so I end up on this page

Step 3

Either press menu then reply

or press anywhere on the post and press reply

So you now end up with a window to enter text and pictures.

Step 4

Click on the picture of the camera

Step 5

Select either Upload From Gallery or Upload from Camera. I've selected gallery.

Step 6

Select desired picture

Step 7

This is the most important step, select to upload to THIS FORUM

Step 8

Select Full Size as long as it's under the 250kb forum limit, otherwise select Small size

Step 9

Now you should see your photo as an attachment at the bottom of the screen. Input any text into the text field above, then  click Submit.

In tapatalk your picture will look like this

but more importantly, on the full web forum, your picture will appear as an expandable thumbnail as shown in the post below.

Hope this helps :)

Enter text here :)

Nice job buddy

Cheers Lee

Very nicely done, now we have something to point people at. :)


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