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Author Topic: My Story - Nightmare To Euphoria...rescape Allready 17/08/12!  (Read 346 times)

Offline mrvillicus

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So it all started early May. A visit to my local sea life centre prompted a purchase of my first fish tank, it was to be tropical. It was a 2ft marina with all included, so I plonked it on my kitchen worktop and the passion began....I was not to know the journey i'd be embarking on!

After a week or so I had joined fishforums for some info, ideas and help. Straight away my vision began and the ideas were flowing. However dark times were ahead, I had made a huge mistake and completely "cocked" up my cycle. After a lot of fish deaths I did some real research into the nitrogen cycle and what was going on. By now it was mid june and I had bought a 3ft tank and was still struggling with the cycle, daily tests and multiple daily water changes were driving me mad, let alone my missus!!

I had played around with decor, gravel, wood and species of fish and I still didnt feel happy with my setup. I asked for help on the forum and got some great advice regarding my cycle, I had to just keep up with the water changes until the day came. Now its the end of june and in a mad moment I went and upgraded to a 4ft tank! It was £10, a real bargain. I went and bought an Allpondsolutions external filter and made up a hood and went for it big time, still battling with my never ending cycle

My 4ft tank had been setup now for about 3 weeks or so and when the end of july came I had my setup, my stock and the filter was running super. Still doing daily water tests and HUGE water changes I was still determined to beat the nasty ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. By now I imagine the forum were bored with my persistent questions and moaning, but as ever, people helped me along. Now this moment was key to my success, I decided to buy 2 firemouth cichlids and some tetra from a local shop, I asked them for a nice massive piece of mature filter media, the next day I had a delivery of my request. So straight away the media went in and things were to change

After two days my water was changing, slowly the ammonia went to the magic 0, then a week later the nitrite 0..my excitement was through the roof! My fish were happy and so was I, and on this very day I wake up with anxiety, wondering whether the day has arrived, well it hasnt just yet as my nitrates were 40ppm, but hey after 83 days, im as good as there! EUPHORIA FINALLY WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO

You may be wondering why ive wrote this, well its really to give beginners an idea of what can happen if it's not done right. 83 days is a long time, and im still not 100% there, impatience, mistakes and general stupidness all add to making what should be a fun experience, an absolute nightmare. I've spent a lot of money, had the water hitting the ceiling from my filter because I forgot to turn it off when taking the lid off, had lots of deaths, had water completely covering my living room floor, but hey, its never fun when it goes smoothly right?

Take your time, be patient and do your research. Some people wil think im going over the top, but there will be people just like me that mess it all up, im just trying to give an insight on what can happen. I'll put some pics up of my final tank setup with its stock list...and Ill leave you a very happy fishkeeper that after 83 days, is 99% there to a completed cycle


1 lonely neon tetra (the only survivor)
2 Dwarf apisto's
2 firemouth cichlid
3 melini corydoras
12 columbian tetra

Current Setup:-

Angel 48 x 12 x 21 tank
Argos playsand
Java fern
Morecambe bay rock
1 x 30w 3ft daylight fluro tube
APS 1000 external filter
APS 300w heater




Im going to have hairgrass carpeting the sand coming down from the " mountain" on the right which will be covered in moss hopefully 


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    Re: My Story - Nightmare To Euphoria...rescape Allready 17/08/12!
    « Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 11:22:46 am »
    How did you get the tank to stay on it's side like that without emptying in the final picture? ;) *grin*
    Sent from my PC as I still don't understand the the logic for mobile internet usage ;) *grin*
    I really hate "autocorrupt"!!!

    "We found this spoon sir"

    Take it easy

    Offline mrvillicus

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    Re: My Story - Nightmare To Euphoria...rescape Allready 17/08/12!
    « Reply #2 on: August 18, 2012, 12:17:12 pm »
    haha plankton I got david blaine round for a "session"