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Transcontinental Goldfish Co LTD - Huddersfield

Went down today in search of some Blue German Rams. I walked in and in-front of me there was the cold water fish tanks. Me and my friend walked over and looked and the tanks were disgustingly dirty. Looked like they hadn't been cleaned for years.

Walked into the tropical fish section only to be greeted by the same disgusting tanks. Id obviously decided already that i wasn't going to buy anything.

Anyway i had a look around and thought ill see what the staffs knowledge was like. I asked if they had kept any rams and if they were sold out (couldnt find none) they said now but they did have Convict Cichlids which were perfect with my community set up. I immediately thought that they weren't very clued up. I've read mixed reviews on Convicts some can and some cant be kept in communities (what do you think?)

Anyway i turned down the offer and looked around a little longer and saw maybe a 12" Oscar (not 100% on size) being moved into the neon tetra tank where i said you don't want to do that. The reply i got was "they'll be fine they're faster than him" now this tank was barely big enough for the Oscar to turn around in so they were under his nose.

I never saw what happened as by this time i had left the shop and will never go back there.

I would have had to hang around to see the outcome of Oscar vs Neons....

Perhaps video'd it and then reported them to whoever would listen with video evidence to back it up.

I suspect they may have an empty Neon tank and a slightly fatter Oscar.


--- Quote from: Kyle on August 04, 2012, 05:25:27 pm ---I suspect they may have an empty Neon tank and a slightly fatter Oscar.

--- End quote ---

Crappy for the innocent victims but the stupid fish shop folk would have received a belly laugh or 2...

So very true. Not nice to see fish that big i tanks they cant swim in anyway.

There was a 18" pleco in a tank that was so big it couldnt straighten itself tail was bent round so it could sit "comfortable"


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