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I have been looking at the issue of shops selling non aquatic plants as suitable for your aquarium. Not altogether their fault as they usually just put a large order in for a mixed selection and these are included. But I found this article in Practical Fishkeeping mag and thought I'd share it as it has pictures to help you identify some of the problem plants. There are more though, so maybe if you find others they can be added to this thread.

 *applause* Excellent article
I would love a paludarium or an indoor pond if I had the space. Its a shame they are such pretty plants.

Good link Dee :)

I've posted that link before when people have bought non aquatic plants. It's a great article, this should be stickied

Good link! Thanks Dee, I have bought so many plants in the past, and the worst thing is, even house plants can last a few weeks underwater, but then after it is too late to complain and they start rotting away......


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