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Author Topic: BNC getting into filter on her own  (Read 323 times)


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BNC getting into filter on her own
« on: October 29, 2012, 12:41:56 pm »
Now here's a curious thing and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

My juvenile (2" max) BNC has twice got into my Eheim 2010 internal filter. At first I thought she swam into the filter casing when I had removed the sponge unit and got trapped when I replaced the sponge. But that can't have been the case the second time. The outflow from the 2010 is very very slight (I am running a 2012 alongside the 2010, to mature it) and so I wonder if she might be swimming in the outflow, which is at the top of the unit, as I have searched else where and can't see how else she might be getting in. Because she is small, there is plenty of space for her between the plastic casing and the sponge medium and she seems to quite like it in there but clearly it is not a good place for her, and she can't get out.

In the rest of the tank we have a piece of bogwood, an ornamental diving helmet (son's choice!) which gives a nice dark space to hide inside and also underneath the upcurved edges. There is also a natural rock which forms a small cave. And we have quite a densely planted area with broad leaves near the filters and so under the filters and behind the leaves is both dark and has a fast flowing current, which I read BNC like. In other words, I'd think there are lots of places for her to be safe and dark during the day.

She moves quickly and hides a lot, but when I released her the second time I think I saw that she has damaged her right side: both fin and tail seemed tattered and her body looked damaged too. As I say, it's hard to tell (and she seems to move quickly despite her injuries) but I am very worried that she hurt herself getting in, or while she was in, the filter.

Two questions
a) how can I stop her getting in again? I have closed the filter outlet as much as possible, but she might be able to squeeze her way in. Is there anything else I can do to keep her from wanting to get in?
b) will she survive the damage, if she is damaged? I can't see her at the moment to check how she is but will try to tempt her into the open later with some defrosted bloodwords (or algae wafer?).

Thanks for any help/advice/reassurance.


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