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We get a lot of questions and related problems regarding the diet of the Corydoras catfish.

It should be pointed out that they are NOT scavengers or algae eaters, but are omnivores with a tendancy towards the carnivorous end of the scale, so a cory (or group of corys as it should be because they are gregarious) fed only with algae wafers is not going to be the healthiest fish in the world.

Their diet should consist of a high volume of meat protein - bloodworm is a particular favourite, as is daphnia and whiteworm for the smaller species and fry - with a backup of high protein catfish pellets. The odd algae wafer and fresh vegetables (like crushed pea, courgette, lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, cauliflower etc. -  just blanch to soften and remove shells from peas) can be given as an addition, but aren't necessary. Care should be taken with feeding fry, as if the food (especially live) is too big there may be problems, either with choking or digestion (mashing the food may be a good option in these cases, as are micro-worms).
There are some species from Suriname, such as c. boesmani which do have problems with bloodworm, so daphnia and tubifex will be their main protein source.

When choosing a group of Corydoras, many are aware that the need to be in a group, and while Cory are social, a species group is far better than selection of different species to make up a group of 5. Please do bear in mind the temperature ranges of these fish. Sterbai prefer much warmer temperatures, where as Peppered Cory prefer much cooler, and there is no suitable middle ground for the two species to be kept in the same aquarium. If there are any doubts, ask in the forums.

Breeding information can be found here:

Other knowledgeable cory owners/breeders are welcome to add to this, especially regarding breeding/conditioning food (sadly I don't have any experience of this yet, only been trying 15 years..... :( )

I would appreciate this thread not having general comments or problems raised on it though, I will delete/reassign these as appropriate. Thanks :)


I'm no expert  though have bred aspidoras & a couple of cory species.
As for conditioning, I normally feed a variety of foods, then have a starve day with a cool water change followed by a bloodworm feed for the next couple of days, that usually gets mine in the mood

Edit: btw great idea, people should be reminded that corys aren't just scavengers & need proper feeding

Thanks for the tips.

I've been feeding mine JMC pellets for catfish. The pellets are quite hard and although the Corys are all over them, I'm not sure if they are actually managing to eat them. They take about 20 minutes playing with them and the Danios won't leave them alone either.

Are there any other pellets that might be a bit softer ?

I'm off to get some frozen blood worm for them in a day or two as well.

I use the Vitalis pellets (used to be called New Era)
which are quite soft.
Another option I use is 'Golden Pearls 300-500um' (look on eBay) which are tiny and the Cories can eat them whole.

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JMC high protein pellets are better, and smaller. In the yellow tub rather than the orange, although I do feed both.


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