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Loach Diet and requirements


As I have a standard answer to general aspects of clown loach keeping I thought I would add a sticky here for information.

Veg - cucumber, courgette, red and yellow pepper, sweet potato, potato (blanched), banana, apple, carrot, peas.
Protein - Bloodworm, shrimp, snail, prawn, mussel, Tesco cat food (take off any jelly/fat) - DO NOT USE cat food if you have other fish in with the loaches.
Other - flake, shrimp pellets, algae wafers, other catfish wafers.

Clown loaches need a good varied diet, as they are omnivores, or they won't live to be 40, or 14". Because of this they need at least a 5’ tank as they are gregarious requiring 5+ as a group or they don’t do so well.

All loaches will have longevity of life if kept correctly, and they should not be kept only to rid a tank of snails and then be expected to live on a diet of algae wafers, it won't work.

Loaches have opercular spines underneath their eyes which are a defensive mechanism, and care should be taken not to mix then with other excitable eaters like corys and plecs to avoid damage.

If you have further diet/requirement facts then please add them to this thread, but I would ask that it isn't used for general comments or questions. Thanks.


Hya just found this thread, clowns are the love of my life they are so much funny characters mine feed from my hand. I've always found its best to worm clowns when you buy from LFS they do a ;ot better and such characters deserve the best,YL.


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