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Lynwood Aquatics - Lynwood Enterprises Limited.
317 - 321 Hook Rise South

Freshwater - Marines - Coral

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We went external filter shopping today and thought we would try an independent aquatic store.

As soon we walked in my bf wanted to leave. To enter the shop you walk through a corridor of tanks, left hand side freshwater, right hand side marine. One tank in the marine side had a large dead fish floating and appeared to be there for a while as it was half eaten.

As we walked round most tanks had dead fish most eaten. The tanks were filthy and the fish (alive ones) looked in poor health (fins missing/ odd shape) dull in colour and not going about their normal behaviour.

They had bog standard fighters at £15 ea and were really dull in colour and seemed unhappy and were not going about their normal behaviour. Most fish were dull or had blemishes. They had some fish that I keep and without second glancing would not recognise.

They gave poor advice I saw a really small plec the size of my nail and said what's that. He replied its an ancistrus and will only stay tiny about this big. (He spread his fingers to show us a size of about 6cm) I didn't think was right so looked it up as not clued up on plecs but I think minimum size is about 10cm. It was a bristlenose but he already had bristlenoses labled up so dont think he realised it was the same, we left.

The place is generally grubby and not well maintained and i am asuming the pictures on the website were from first fitting the shop out.

On a plus side though we went to our local world of water, bought a fluval external and spoke to a really nice young guy that opened the box showed us how to work it and had a jolly long discussion about the fish we keep :)

Sorry to jump on this thread, I too felt the same when I popped in whilst working around the corner, it resembled a jumble sale nothing was together the tanks and cabinets on display were covered in dust or had a lot of scratches on them, the products on shelfs were covered in dust and packs were damaged, the "display" tanks were filthy and fish were very dull it's a shop I wouldn't want to go back to,

Picking this up because I've just ordered a custom-built tank from Lynwood, so can give an up-to-date 'report'.

I had a long conversation with the gentleman who owns the shop (George): he's been there for forty years.  Before speaking to any staff members I had a good look around - loads of tanks, all of them completely spotless, and I did not see even one dead (or obviously unwell) fish anywhere, which is quite an achievement with that quantity of stock.

During my preliminary conversation about a new tank I avoided letting it be known that I had prior knowledge of fish keeping, just to see what would happen.  Both George and his assistant Maria were really helpful, and flexible about the products they steered me towards, mindful of my budget.  George talked me through tank cycling, showing me testing kits and explaining what the various results meant.

So, I have no idea what was going on in 2013-15 (maybe George was away/unwell) but the shop I saw yesterday in no way matches the descriptions in the first two posts on this thread.

Glad to see your review, Blaise. I am very fond of Lynwood too (not trying to disrespect other people's opinions in any way though).

I've been coming there quite a lot to get my water tested and to get advice on trying to save my goldfish (that I bought somewhere else). George has been absolutely brilliant and eager to help. I have recently ordered my Juwel tank from them, Maria was very helpful and patient in answering hundreds of questions that I had.
And every time I walk past the Marine aquariums, I have to stop and watch the fish... they are just breathtaking :)

The only downside is that some of their stuff is a bit pricey :/

On visiting this store, I just felt that the fish were overpriced considering the condition of them. At those prices I’d expect bright and healthy looking fish, but I found a poor selection of unhealthy fish and a shop that needed a good renovation.


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