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The Big Fish Campaign.

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Just thought that I would share this.

I've been on a shop tour today and found 3 of the 7 stores within 45 minutes of me stocking Red Tailed Catfish. Also found some Pangasius Sharks, and shovel noses. Too big to be kept in home aquaria. Hopefully something will change to stop such big fish being sold soon.

They also have a Facebook page should anybody be interested.

I follow them on Facebook, their mascot Buster has been visiting schools & public aquaria spreading the message about tank busting fish

Good idea, stickied :)

Aquatic Ali:
Thanks I've started following :)

Nice One,

When I was looking to upgrade I really wanted an arrowana but after looking into it I knew even my 8 footer wold not be big enough.

I know one of my local LFS which often has a RTC but I suspect that was a tank-buster they took off someone.  Another sells Shovels regularly but not the Tiger Shovel and when I bought mine they chatted to me for a while about it making sure my tank was suitable.


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