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Basic betta care

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Looking after bettas
Bettas prefer it around 26C.
Diet: Day 1 - 4 Betta pellets (or equivalent)
Day 2 - 4 bloodworm (or equivalent)
Day 3 - as Day 1
Day 4 - as Day 2
Day 5 - as Day 1
Day 6 - Starve
Day 7 - half a crushed pea
They prefer softer, acidic water, but will acclimatise somewhat to neutral or slightly alkaline water.
They like plants, it's quite amusing to see them resting on the leaves. :)

A heater guard is a MUST, not and option as they tend to "cuddle" heaters.

Care must be taken with "designer" tanks, to ensure that there is enough air for bettas to use their labyrinth organ properly.
They are jumpers, and any gaps that they could jump through should be packed to prevent this.

The tank size should really be a minimum of 28l.

Please don't add random comments (like Thanks) or ask questions on this thread, just more about betta care. Thanks.

A slow flow is best.  Its hard work dragging that tail around!

A ping pong ball can be added, some seem to keep themselves occupied with that

Minimum tank size of 20 liters, they do like to swim and explore. There not community fish but can go in with a group of small non nippy tetras,  but be ready to move them out if he decideds not to like them. They're inquisative and like wood to swim around, mine seems to enjoy inspecting and flattening himself around it.

Always cycle your tank before putting a betta in, they're delecate fish.

Make sure any wood or rock in their tank have no sharp edges


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