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It would appear that at least two types of sand sold by [email protected] are not inert.

The following thread has more information.,

Of course, this would be useful for African Rift Lake tanks, or anything you wanted a high TDS and hardness for.......

 :mad: This isnt good, ive just replaced the gravel substrate to the [email protected] sand for my corys, during the change i lost 2 corys  :(

Not looking forward to changing again!

sorry to hear that, but im not surprised.  I tried 2 types of pets at home sand and both add TDS to the water. Do you have any way to test for TDS? you can get a TDS testing pen fairly cheaply from amazon or e bay. I nearly lost a tank full of shrimp due to the sand. it pushed my TDs from 315ppm to over 530ppm in just a few days :mad:. removed the sand and added some good silica sand and tank is stable at 190ppm now.

I use play sand frm tesco. Really golden yellow colour does not take a lot of cleaning and most of all you get 2 bags for £4 bargain

I changed to BD aquarium sand (so far so good) Has anyone used it?


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