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Callichthyidae (Corydoras, Aspidoras, Brochis) / is this really fungus
« Last post by woodster on November 15, 2021, 02:45:36 pm »
help, please. I have attached a pic of my cory. Initial treatment was with melafix and pimafix after a week went to lfs said to treat with antifungus so after a week of antifungus treatment, he still looks like this. Should I continue with anti-fungus treatment for another week? all water perameters are within a good range and temp is a steady 23.5. Have done a 25% water change today. Only has the white fluffy stuff on one side of the body. eating and swimming fine has just lost his colour.
Aquarium Problems. / Re: Juwel multilux led problem
« Last post by Wez900 on October 25, 2021, 03:04:30 pm »
Thanks for the reply Stephen  thumbsup3

yeah i have bit the bullet and ordered a new multilux unit with leds, if i test the old one with the new leds and it works i can always sell it on gumtree or somewhere i suppose.
Fish Health Discussion. / Angel fish prolapse/breeding tube/ worm
« Last post by Mishellfish on October 24, 2021, 06:06:38 pm »
Please could someone tell me if my angel fish has a breeding tube,  prolapse or a worm coming out of it. I’m hoping breeding tube but there’s a pointy bit which looks pink in the middle
Tank Logs. / A word of warning
« Last post by Biker on October 24, 2021, 01:31:00 pm »
Its been a while but I thought my mistake could help others. Started my tank a couple of years ago and the idea was to have plants with small tetras and cherry shrimp. I used JBL proscape as the media for growing plants. Everything was going to plan. Then on a whim I bought 3 dwarf corys. Big mistake! Proscape is made of balls of clay or something similar. The corys roll these as they look for food and wear them away. The net result is the media is getting dragged into the filters and I am loosing it from my tank. The sponge in the filter has to be cleaned weekly or I risk the tank overflowing and my pump needs cleaning monthly instead of every 6 months. I would say if you are thinking of keeping corys then use a more robust media. :(
Aquarium Problems. / Re: Juwel multilux led problem
« Last post by Stephen on October 22, 2021, 05:04:48 pm »

I had a similar issue (not a Juwel light unit)
I tried new LED tubes but nothing and ended up buying a new light unit.
Aquarium Problems. / Juwel multilux led problem
« Last post by Wez900 on October 22, 2021, 11:51:01 am »

i was wondering if anyone else has come accross this problem and discovered a solution?

the problem is my multilux led lights have stopped working, i have had them for about 2 and a half yrs, tried a new fuse and different socket etc but still no joy, the issue i have is that i do not know if the led lights are broken or if it is the unit itself?

if i buy replacement led lights for £70 and they dont work because the multilux unit is broken i would then have to buy a new unit which comes with bulbs for £150  :mad: cant find anywhere were you can buy a new unit without the leds?

i have rang local fish shops but they dont stock juwel led lights or they wont let me test the unit and then give them the bulbs back if the units broken

does anyone know of a way to test either the multilux unit or the leds?

any help/advice welcome  thumbsup3
Newbies / Re: Pregnant platy
« Last post by Shazz on October 14, 2021, 09:58:09 am »
She has just had 4 babies over the last couple of days and thinned down a lot, thank you for your help
Newbies / Re: Pregnant platy
« Last post by blackghost on October 13, 2021, 02:10:33 pm »
Female livebearers store sperm. They can have up to eight batches of fry, at monthly intervals, from one insemination.
Newbies / Pregnant platy
« Last post by Shazz on October 12, 2021, 12:12:58 pm »
A friend of mine bought a couple of female platy's about 69 days ago, she's had 4 babies from them and now one is thin but one is really fat! Is it possible that she's still pregnant? There are no males in her tank or any idea what the most likely cause is? She says it looks like she's going to explode coz she's huge!
General Aquaria / I'm back... maybe!
« Last post by paulypaul182 on August 30, 2021, 08:40:27 pm »
Hi all. I used to keep tropical back until 2011 and used to use this forum exclusively. I ended up swapping my last aquarium out for vivariums and ended up keeping a host of reptiles and amphibs.

So I'm looking to get back into the hobby now. My old aquarium was 240 litres but I'm not sure whether I'll go as big this time. The space I currently have is about 135cm so it looks like it may be a 145 litre will be my starting point although I just know I'll end up back in the 250l range 😂

So in the 10 years out of the hobby, what has changed? Are the filters any better? I used to use in tank filters rather than a sump. How about the ammonia cycle? Has the method of breaking a filter in changed? I used to use household ammonia, dosing the tank daily and testing until I had 0,0,40. How about stock? Has the calculation for how to stock an aquarium changed?

Also, can anyone recommend a good aquarium please? I want everything brand new.

I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone. I'm thinking that a serious planted up aquarium with rocks etc in it (you know I'm going to end up over 250 litres 😂)
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