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You have found the most welcoming tropical fishkeeping forums available on the internet! We have Members with many decades of fishkeeping experience and Members who are just starting out: our youngest at the moment is just ten years old. Whatever your experience or expertise, you'll find that your place is already reserved here! We never stop learning from each other and we'll value your contribution, even if you begin with a flood of questions.

Mr Algae's Aquarium @ TFF UK

Not all of us have tanks that look this beautiful; but some of us do, and many of us get pretty close through sharing our good practice.

Our fishes' health and well-being are our main concern. We try to keep our animals healthy through good husbandry rather than through chemicals bought from a shop. We're not interested in making a profit: our advice is freely given and exchanged in the interests of our fish.

Although we are based in the UK, we have Members from all over the world and we're keen to exchange information with more. We would very much like you to join us, so have a look around our forums and see where you'll fit in.

Are you thinking about starting a tank ?

You like the idea but you're unsure if it's for you ? We'll give you the best advice to help you decide. Maybe we can show you how to start off small and then build on your experience.

You're uneasy about being a newbie ?

Don't be: we all were newbies, once! In fact, we're especially proud of our patience in taking new fishkeepers through the first stages of the hobby, step-by-step if needs be. Remember: the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask!

You're worried about what it's going to cost?

So are we! We have many tips that will save you unnecessary expense, so that you can spend your money on equipment that will benefit your fish or on more fish!

Are you the new owner of a tank (perhaps fish, too) and you don't know what to do next?

You can be sure that many of our Members have been in exactly the same position and are now experienced fishkeepers with happy animals. They're waiting right now to pass on to you what they've learned.

Are you already keeping fish but have a problem you can't resolve?...

It's a good bet that at least one of our Members has dealt successfully with the same problem in the past! You can use our Search facility to see if you can get an answer; but why not tell us about it and let us see if we can help.

Are you experienced in fishkeeping and want to share?...

We want to know! If you've a special interest in a particular type of fish; or you're knowledgeable about aquarium science or equipment; or you're a planted tank enthusiast; or you have general fishkeeping knowledge then we're anxious to hear from you.

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All new registrations are checked against the Stop Forum Spam database.

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Setting up your new Aquarium

Setting up your new aquarium

The original article was written by Sacha a few years ago, thank you Sacha.
Unfortunately that full article has somehow disappeared so I have written a similar article which hopefully compliments what was written in the original article

Setting up your new aquarium

There are two major causes of fish deaths in an aquarium; new tank syndrome and over feeding.
If you take the time to read this you will hopefully not have to deal with new tank syndrome and you will create a healthy environment for your fish.
The other big cause of fish deaths is overfeeding, so be careful not to overfeed your fish.
There are other reasons for fish deaths and these can be addressed on the forum.

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The Fishless Cycle Explained

It has occurred to me that there is a lot of interest in how the fishless cycle work's and it's benefits of doing one.
Whilst the fishless cycle is by no means, the be all, and end all, it is worth remembering that it is the most ethical and humane way of introducing fish, into your new aquarium.

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